Luxury Massage & Sensual Touch

Elegant Beauties of Sexual Desire

Angels of Lust


Heavenly beauties adorned by sexuality, very attractive, feminine and sensual to the touch.

Angels of Lust caress your body in the nude, skin to skin exciting the senses and bringing forth the ultimate release of pleasure.

Angel Provocateur

La Erotica

Erotic Power

The Awakening of Sexual Energy

In The Land of Lust and Play, sexual awakening means coming into you own erotic power. The Angels of Angel Provocateur, La Erotica are Divine beings and naturally skilled in the Art of Seduction. Devoted to sexual wellness, our sensual masseuses are professionally trained in the ancient practice of Tantric Massage, a popular alternative massage medium used to harness personal and sexual healing. The rediscovery of senses, feelings and emotions awakens you physically, emotionally and spiritually. Through this journey, your Angel lets you slip away into a sate of bliss, sharing a connection of intimacy with feeling of longing to be close to her. Staying aware of what happens physically, sexuality radiates from many places: your body's energy, your aura, fantasies and dreams. Your sensual masseuse(s)use their own sexual rhythm and style to focus on your erotic response to your whole body, and the primary erogenous zones of your intimate body parts.

At the Destination of All Things Fantasy, your Erotic Angel treats you with the extra TLC you deserve. Relaxed in the comfort of her sacred space, sensual ambience of Aphrodisiac scents in the boudoir, hot burning candles and warm body oil only increases the ecstasy whiles she explores your entire body skin to skin with the widest contact possible. Embrace the forces of passion and desire of her to fulfil you and let her feminine energy flow through you, slowly let it spread from your toes, shoot through your body, pretty parts to you head. Her body is an Aphrodisiac, feel the gravitation of lust flowing, she is an beautiful instrument of sensual and erotic play. Her sensual touch, the scents filling the boudoir, sounds of passion and on positions of play bringing forth the ultimate release of pleasure. An erotic massage is the perfect time to show your appreciation and respect of the female body and your heavenly Angel. 

A Tantric massage is best for women and men. Yoni (Pussy) massage is awakening of the female sexual energy and Lingam (Cock) massage is awakening of the male sexual energy. Awakening sexual energy through Tantric massage is a fun and rewarding experience by exploring erotic intimacies brings benefits in rebuilding sexual confidence, assisting to strengthen your insecurities sexually and a radical shift in your own sexuality. The healing power of sensual touch reaches deep into our mental and physical selves and can help in boosting the libido, overcoming personal intimacy issues, separation from a loved one​ and other related sexual points of concern.

Connect with yourself, increase your energy flow, destress, have some ""Me Time", experience something new, release endorphins, feel empowered and amazing again, and a lot more!

Treat yourself to something tasty, exciting and absolutely satisfying.

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