- Angel Etiquette - 

Angel Provocateur, La Erotica is home to the HOTTEST SENSUAL MASSEUSES IN CAPE TOWN, ZA. 

Surrender yourself to the hidden paradise of sexual desires and ultimate pleasures... Discover sensual treats for the adult palate with a delectable variety of  luxury masseuses to indulge in your wildest fantasies. Get a taste of Heaven from the Angels & Femme Fatales of Angel Provocateur, La Erotica hailing from South Africa and abroad.

Angel Provocateur, La Erotica's  Angels & Femme Fatales are verified sensual masseuses with genuine photographs listed on our website.

What you see, is what you get! Our Goddesses are beautifully groomed from head to toe, flawless in their appearance and maintain a hygienic personal regime regularly. Rest assured all Sensual Masseuses practice their hygiene protocol and safety measures religiously on a daily basis to ensure to an enjoyable and safe experience shared with their client(s) always. 

Be pleasant, show respect and be a gentleman to your masseuse in all situations. Erotic masseuses remain highly discreet for their personal protection and safety. No therapists share portrait shots, as their anonymity and privacy counts equally important as yours.

Anyone acting suspiciously, sends vulgar picture content or tasteless telephonic messages via our Angel Hotline or Email booking address, will be denied a booking and blocked immediately. Scammers, chancers, fraudsters, as well as prank callers and general time wasters will not be tolerated at any cost.  If in any scenario an Angel or Femme Fatale feel threatened, you will be reported and black listed permanently.

-  Angels & Femme Fatales like Gentlemen and Gifts - 


Golden Rules 

1. Angels

NB: STRICTLY SENSUAL MASSAGE ONLY. No Sex, No Oral Sex, and No Extras are offered. Prostate Massage is not offered at this time.

With your masseuse's permission to kiss her breasts, nibble on her skin or/and any other temptations to please you, will only be allowed at your Angel(s) own discretion. Our Luxe Squad, (Angels & Femme Fatales), maintain a professional manner and relationship at all times when booked for an incall or outcall. Clients may under no circumstances have direct contact with Angels & Femme Fatales, no exchange of mobile numbers are allowed and Angels may not at any time socialize with a client outside a treatment/or beyond the Golden Gates of Angel Provocateur, La Erotica's LUXE Playground.

Clients are always welcome to chat and book directly with an erotic masseuse via our Angel Hotline +27 63755 7614, or Email booking@angelprovocateur.com

2. The Respect 

The satisfaction of a happy & unforgettable experience at Angel Provocateur, La Erotica is our top priority, as is their safety and how you treat your masseuse(s) is equally significant. Our heavenly beauties serve to please, adult treats and indulgencies of delightful memories and heavenly experience. Remember our ANGELS & FEMME FATALES ARE ALWAYS INCONTROL in every treatment! No disrespect, unwanted or forced physical contact will not be tolerated at anytime. If a therapist feels threatened or experiences any form of disrespect at any point of the erotic massage, has the right to terminate your sensual treatment immediately. 

3. Sensual Massage

       Contraindications (CI's) to Massage

Given careful consideration by Management of Angel Provocateur, La Erotica and the Luxe Squad, (Angels & Femme Fatales), clients with contraindications should not seek a sensual a massage. Clients experiencing the mildest symptoms of flu, including acute medical underlying health issues, recognized as General Contraindications or "absolute contraindications", to any type of skin condition, that for most skin issues, including acne and warts, classed as Local Contraindications or "relative contraindications", massage is contraindicated.

If the client has a known contagious skin condition, massage therapy is a contraindication and no go, due to possible further spread of the infection and risking the health of the therapist.

Spreading a skin condition could be as mild as acne, or as severe as a fungal infection or viral like herpes, no matter to the degree of skin issues including minimal, they can range from very mild to quite severe, posing threat to our Angels and Femme Fatales. Even if in the case it is a known safe condition and not harmful to the therapist or client, "relative contraindications" and can massage around the affected areas, it is not permitted. To ensure the complete health and safety of our sensual masseuses, we prohibit any potential risk of engaging with clients who may be diagnosed with the above contraindicated conditions. 

We therefore, regret to inform you that we will not be able to offer our luxury adults massage services and erotic play, with no exceptions.

We hope you understand our place of concern and respect the health and safety of our masseuses.

- Confidentiality -

As a matter of business etiquette and privacy from Angel Provocateur, La Erotica and those associated with the Luxury Massage Services  & Erotic Play offered, keep a strictly professional manner with clients at all times. Entrusted all personal information of clients is kept strictly private and no personal details are divulged anyone.

NB: Erotic Services are currently a cash bases only or EFT is accepted. Card facilities will be available at later notice.

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